Natalie Dunbar invites you to take a journey to the worlds, lives, and loves welling up from the cradle of her imagination. Come along for the ride.  Grab a book, fire up your reader, or read one of the excerpts here on the site.  Anything is possible if you believe.  The journeys feature strong, capable women who can get the job done, from FBI and CIA agents, to models and heiresses who kick butt, to women who belong to a fictional church.  The men are sexy, handsome, and heroic enough to fuel your fantasies and stay with you.  The most stimulating, entertaining, and enjoyable journeys imaginable….


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Ethan and Kayra have escaped from their people and wonder of wonders...Kayra is expecting!  But where can they go and where can they find a safe place to bring a child into the world? At first, they focus only on getting away, but soon it's evident that someone knew of steps they would take and places they would go before they did! As they run for safety both races close in on them and Kayra learns that Ethan has secrets and that expecting an Elithian-Pharan hybrid baby changes more than she could ever have imagined...


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 The Pharans and the Elithians are two enemy alien races who have been on earth for eons and are fighting for survival. One race is desperate enough to alter DNA to make their people appear more human and send them undercover into enemy alien territory.  Undercover in an enemy lab, Kayra Madison does the unthinkable…


Currently available in eBook format only 


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